Basic Tutorials

The tutorials below offer a quick way to get to learn the basic features of Molegro Virtual Docker.

The tutorials require a Macromedia Flash Player.

Tutorial 1: A Simple Docking Run

Tutorial 1 Content:
– Import molecules into Molegro Virtual Docker (MVD).
– Detect potential binding sites and setup the search space.
– Run a docking simulation using the Docking Wizard.
– Inspect the docking results using the Pose Organizer.

View tutorial (3 MB Flash Movie, 7 minutes)

Download for offline viewing: mvd-tutorial1.swf

Tutorial 2: Inspecting the Docking Results

Tutorial 2 Content:
– How to inspect the results of a docking run with MVD.

View tutorial (4 MB Flash Movie, 6 minutes)

Download for offline viewing: mvd-tutorial2.swf

Tutorial 3: Visualization in MVD

Tutorial 3 Content:
– Navigating in the 3D view.
– Using Visualization Presets and Styles.
– Work with surfaces and backbone representations.
– Use Clipping Planes, Labels, and the Sequence Viewer.

View tutorial (5 MB Flash Movie, 14 minutes)

Download for offline viewing: mvd-tutorial3.swf